About the Northern Pug Dog Club

The first time the Northern Pug Dog Club appears is in the Kennel Club Stud Book 1928 for the year 1927 then again in Stud Book 1929 for the year 1928. It then disappears until the 1949 Stud Book for the year 1948 or possibly early 1949. The records of Clubs registered with the K.C started in 1900. Any club existing before this date was not a Kennel Club Registered Society.


The Founder Members, 25 people, were required to donate not less than £2.00 each to a fund for the establishment of the Club. A far greater number than 25 donated but only these names appear on the list of signatures sent to the Kennel Club are actually entitled to be known as “Founder Members”.


The first Championship Show was held at the Sun Pavilion, Harrogate in 1959, where it was held until 1983, due to the venue being close for refurbishment.  In 1984 it was held at the New Earswick village hall in York for a Silver Jubilee Show. The President Mr Tom Lawrence in his letter in the catalogue wrote “Four Members namely Mrs Elsie Coward, Miss Susan Graham Weall, Mrs G Kay, and Mrs Pauline Thorp exhibited at our first Championship Show and will be exhibiting here today."


For many years, the Open Shows were held in various venues in Manchester. The first Limited Show (by a ballot of the Members at an A.G.M), was held on January 26th 1985.

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