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The aim of the Northern Pug Dog Club is to oversee the welfare of the breed and to ensure its health and wellbeing, to adhere to the standard as set by the Kennel Club and to follow the Club Code of Ethics and best practice. This sets out clearly various rules regarding breeding and ownership which each member is required to follow! The code of Ethics is ratified by the Kennel Club which has added several items of its own. The club is not restricted to members who live “in the North” but has members from all areas of the United Kingdom as well as overseas.

The pug, though listed as a breed in the Toy Group is a tough little chap, robust and strong for its size. He loves his owners, food, sleeping, playing, and is usually “up for a walk” but generally will decline the invitation in the wet weather. He is good family member especially with children, though as with any dog breed supervision is required!

If you are a new owner you should buy your pug from a reputable breeder who normally does not need to advertise but will frequently have a waiting list. You should not consider pugs advertised on the internet, pet shops, free papers or described as being of a so-called ‘rare’ or ‘fad’ colour. They are not “rare” but actually non-acceptable colours which are usually advertised at extortionate prices. These unacceptable colours suggest that the pug is actually a cross-breed. The acceptable and correct colours for a pug are fawn, black, silver and apricot.

When I came into Pugs over 40 years ago, I remember being told that a silver pug is one lit by moonlight and an apricot one lit by sunlight. True or not, it is a nice way to put it but I do know that a silver pug is relatively uncommon.

All of us in the breed love our pugs, cherish their character, condone their cheeky ways and would die for them. Enjoy yours. Feed him the best, keep him warm or cool as appropriate!

…and of course, love him to bits!


Patrick Davis – Secretary of the Northern Pug Dog Club (Retired 2017)




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